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Planning To Move To Goa

Planning To Move To Goa? Here’s What You Can Expect.

A relaxed laid-back life, surrounded by sun-soaked beaches, lush greenery, and lots and lots of sparkling sand everywhere- these are probably all the things you anticipate whenever you think of a Goa break. Be it a short trip just to align with your weekend holidays or a long vacation planned after thousands of canceled plans, Goa is a perfect place to be. But what if you are planning to move to Goa and never return?

What? Sounds like someone is moving to Goa. Whoa, wait! That’s interesting and I am not kidding. In fact, I can help you to adopt Goa as your home.

I am one of many people who have moved to Goa to escape city life’s ever-increasing hustle and bustle. And moving to Goa has helped me to curate and offer self-contained luxurious villas for rent in North Goa to people coming from other parts.

But the charm of a holiday in Goa and the grind of living in Goa daily are two different experiences that we call “poles apart”. So, what do you expect when you are making the big move of planning to move to Goa?

Know What To Expect While Planning To Move To Goa

Lots Of Open Space And Proximity To Coastlines

This one is a no-brainer. The homes in Goa are way too different than small compact apartments in metros, where you can scream out to say hello to your neighbor in the next building.

Goan homes are made to allow you ultimate privacy and therefore you will be at a much-needed distance from your nearest neighbor. And if you are lucky enough to stay in a beach house in Goa you can simply expect to walk down the sandy shores whenever you feel like it.

If you are staying in a Goa villa for rent that you have decided to call home for a while space and proximity to beaches are still more of a draw.

Breezy Weather

Though the summers can be a little uncomfortable, the overall weather in Goa is pretty great. Thank me later for experiencing breezy weather despite the sunlight and of course the pleasant nights under the big starry sky.

A Susegad Lifestyle

Anyone who comes to Goa and goes back might find themselves to be in a “who cares” attitude for a while. And it is the Goan vibe that is to be blamed for infusing a laid-back attitude in everyone visiting Goa, alongside the permanent residents.

Goans call it Susegad. The easygoing and helpful characteristic is a personality trait that you will find in most Goan people and that will add charm to living in Goa.

Live Festivals And Partying

Whenever someone says Goa I hear live music festivals. Oh, come on you cannot blame me enough for that. Live music festivals and beaches are the perfect combination. Don’t you think? If partying like there is no tomorrow is what you miss in your city life, then you are definitely born to live in Goa.

Lip-Smacking Foods

If you are a seafood lover, heaven for you is Goa. Most restaurants in Goa including the shacks you will find surrounding the beaches will serve you a variety of options for authentic Goan foods as well as global cuisines.

Nature Trails

If you want to come closer to nature, get immersed in the beauty of it, and communicate with yourself, there is a lot for you to do in Goa. The lush greenery and the forest trails are some of the places you can spend your day off or whenever you feel like having nature for company.

Water Sports

You can never be in a better place for indulging in some of the thrilling water sports. If you are hydrophobic, goa will probably take all your fears away. And I can definitely see the day when you will proudly call yourself a water baby.


It does not mean that there is no downside to moving to Goa. During the peak tourist seasons, you might find Goa to be a little noisy and chaotic. Moreover, it can be a little difficult for you, in the beginning, to settle in. But don’t worry the slowed-down lifestyle will help you embrace Goa at your own pace. The cons of moving to Goa are small. And if you are thinking about making that big move, and planning to move to Goa, think fast and act quicker.

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